Bowling Green Fire Department, 1898

A Colonial Fire Timeline

Scene at a fire, 1730, New York City Fire Department

1608 - Fire devestates the Colony at Jamestown, Va, destroying most of the colonists lodgings and provisions.

1613 - Fire destroys 'The Tiger' the remaining ship of Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam, leaving them isolated for a year until they could construct a new ship.

1623 - Fire sweeps through the town of Plymoth, Massachusets three years after settlement, destroying nearly all provisions and at least seven dwellings.

1628 - First dwelling fire on the island that is to become Manhattan, Governor Peter Stuyvesant establishes the first fire prevention and building code and ultimately the first volunteer fire department.

1638 - The first law relating to arson enacted in Maryland.

1653 - First fire deaths recorded in Boston.

1676 and 1679 - Fires destroy major portions of Boston.

1700, 1740 and 1778 - Charleston, South Carolina nearly wiped out by fire.

1770 - Boston Massacre begins with the ringing of a fire bell.

1775 - Fire is used in Revoloutionary Tea Parties in Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.

1775 - British set fire to 400 dwellings in Charlestown before marching on Bunker Hill.

1776 - Residents of New York enrage the British by starting and aid in a conflagration that destroyes more than 400 dwellings.

1787 - Fires sweep through a large portion of Richmond, Virginia.

1798 - General Assembly of Kentucky enacts a law allowing formation of five fire companies in Louisville.

300th Anniversary Stamp Honoring Volunteer Firemen, USPS

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